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National Occupational Standards (NOS) specify the standards of performance that staff should be working towards. Training is an important step in achieving competence in these standards.
The Training Exchange courses are mapped to NOS units and competence frameworks. So if people are working towards a qualification/assesment to meet workforce development requirements and they have gaps in their knowledge, understanding or skills, attending our courses can fill those gaps.
Our courses give you opportunities to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills that underpin NOS. Course handbooks and the notes that you take can provide useful evidence towards workplace assessment and RQF qualifications.
When the Drug and Alcohol National Occupational Standards were brought in, the National Treatment Agency (NTA) Guidance was that 'By 2012 all workers and their line managers/supervisors should have, or be working towards, evidence of their basic competence.'
Contact your local Public Health Team who may have someone with responsibility for workforce development who could help you with the local picture.
For substance misuse qualifications you may want to contact your local FE college.
You might also find the following links useful:
You can  access a pdf of a useful document 'Developing standards of practice in the drugs & alcohol workforce' on the right hand side of the following page:
and Skills for Health http://www.skillsforhealth.org.uk/ where you'll find the DANOS units listed.
The SMMGP website might also be useful to you:
Please see our course listings to the left of this page for information about content and details of the NOS units that each course covers. You don't need to be working towards a qualification to attend.