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Adolescent development & substance misuse print version | course feedback


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Course Outline

Young people are not adults.They face unique stresses, pressures and transitions that are reflected in their experience of substance misuse.The course establishes the key issues in adolescent development as a backdrop to understanding specific issues in adolescent substance misuse.This includes what makes young people prone to problem use, how young people experience substance misuse problems differently to adults and the predicted trajectories that their use follows.Drawing on robust and compelling research throughout, this course will offer young peopleís workers a deep understanding of adolescent, drug and alcohol problems and the most appropriate treatment responses.    





By the end of the course participants will have had opportunities to:
  • Explore the four critical themes of adolescent development.
  • Identify specific sub-populations of adolescent sub-misusers and their predicted trajectories.
  • Discuss how to screen and assess the unique facets of adolescent substance misuse problems.
  • Evaluate appropriate treatment responses depending upon the young personís specific developmental needs.


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Competences - AB2, AF1