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Building confidence & self-esteem print version | course feedback


this course is only available in house
Notes:Contact us for a detailed course outline.    

Course Outline

Explore what confidence and self-esteem are, how they affect people, and how they can be influenced. Focusing on ‘soothing the scars, not opening them’, participants will take away a range of useful self-esteem promoting techniques and exercises to use with individuals and groups.    


  • To explore what confidence and self-esteem are; where they come from and how they are influenced
  • To consider strategies and practical tools and techniques for working effectively with people to build their self-esteem


    By the end of the course participants will have had opportunities to:
  • Identify what helps, hinders and influences self-esteem
  • Consider the effects of low self-esteem
  • Experience and practice using a range of self-esteem promoting techniques and exercises
  • Identify good practice for working with individuals and groups


    Please contact us for an up to date course outline.    
    Competences - n/a