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Supporting recovery from complex trauma print version | course feedback

Duration: This is a one day course

Tutor(s): Pat Johnson & Dr Mike Peirce.


Notes: Please contact us for a detailed course outline with full agenda.    

Course Outline

This one day course develops understanding of the neurobiological, physiological and psychological effects of complex trauma, and the consequences and coping strategies that may result. Drawing on a survivor perspective, increase confidence in responding to adult disclosures of childhood sexual, emotional and physical abuse and neglect; identify what helps or doesn’t help recovery; explore the three stage model of recovery; and learn tools and strategies to help reduce the physical and emotional effects of complex trauma.




  • To increase understanding of the impact of complex trauma, consequences and ways we cope when overwhelmed by trauma.
  • To develop confidence and strategies to respond to adult disclosures of childhood sexual, emotional, physical abuse and neglect.


By the end of the course participants will have had opportunities to:

  • Understand the possible consequences of childhood abuse and what is meant by ‘complex trauma’
  • Listen to personal experience of childhood trauma and recovery
  • Understand how trauma can impact on memory, emotions and thought processes
  • Know how the impact of abuse can contribute to drug or alcohol use, subsequent misuse and other coping strategies
  • Be introduced to the three stage model of recovery from trauma
  • Be introduced to simple tools and strategies that can help survivors reduce the physical and emotional effects of trauma


    Please contact us for an up to date course outline.    
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