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This is an open program course, dates to be announced shortly

Course Outline

Assessing and identifying neglect in young people is difficult and presents workers with the challenge of separating what is increased autonomy in the young person with what is neglect that may endanger them. Drawing on research on adolescent development and the shifting parental role, participants examine sources and impacts of neglect, understand key issues in assessing signs of risk and identify a clear cut off point when neglect becomes critical.    


This course will provide a detailed over view of adolescent development and the shifting parental role. Using this as a basis it will examine the four main sources of neglect and the impact it this can have on young people. If will look at key issues in assessment regarding signs of risk and offer practitioners a clear cut of point when neglect becomes critical.    


By the end of the course participants will have had opportunities to:
  • Describe the key drivers of adolescent development
  • Identify the shifting role of parents across adolescence
  • Understand how the four key areas of neglect impact on the developmental needs of young people
  • Identify when adolescent neglect becomes critical to a young personís wellbeing


Please contact us for an up to date course outline.    
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