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Working with stuck clients print version | course feedback

Duration: This is a one day course

Tutor(s): Phil Harris.



Course Outline


Resistance to change is an inevitable part of psychological therapies work. This course provides critical insight into the principle sources of resistance in the client, in the practitioner and in the language. It describes traps we easily fall in to with resistance clients and how to avoid them. Participants develop an extensive tool box of practical skills and techniques to navigate resistance and develop change even with the most psychologically stuck clients.





By the end of the course participants will have had opportunities to:

  • understand the central sources of resistance discuss responses to resistance in ‘stuck’ clients
  • develop techniques to overcome stuckness even when change is desired
  • practise communication skills to bypass psychological blocks
  • review resistance that emerges from practice
  • monitor and respond to ruptures in the therapeutic allia


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