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Young people - mental health & emotional support needs print version | course feedback


this course is only available in house

Course Outline

The course explores and develops awareness of young people’s mental health and emotional issues in order to develop practical approaches to promoting good mental health. The course develops understanding of self injury and ways of supporting young people who self injure and experience psychotic episodes.    


Course Aim

  • To increase understanding of young people's mental health and emotional issues and develop practical approaches to respond to their support needs.






By the end of the course participants will have had opportunities to: 
  • Consider some of the key issues in the field of mental health (including approaches and attitudes to mental distress and the impact of stigma and discrimination) and how these relate to young people
  • Consider what is meant by mental well-being, mental ill health and mental illness, particularly in relation to young people
  • Develop understanding of self-injury and consider practical approaches to supporting someone who self-injures
  • Find out more about young people and psychosis and consider practical approaches to supporting someone with these experiences
  • Hear from young people what approaches and service help and information about current services and how to access
  • Consider practical approaches to promoting mental well-being



Please contact us for an up to date course outline.    
Competences - AA2, AB1, AB4