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Mental health awareness print version | course feedback


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Course Outline

This course aims to raise participants' awareness of mental health issues in order to enable them to better understand and support individuals. It emphasises the social model of understanding mental health issues and user perspectives.    


  • to increase participants' awareness of mental health issues
  • to increase participants' ability to understand and support individuals


  • to raise awareness of some of the key issues within the field of mental health
  • to explore the spectrum of mental health including what we mean by mental wellness, mental ill health and mental illness
  • to raise awareness of equalities issues related to mental health
  • to consider the experience of hearing voices
  • to increase understanding of classifications of mental illness
  • to find out about the mental health services and the systems for arranging and managing care
  • to consider what we need to promote mental wellness


Please contact us for an up to date course outline.    
Competences - AA3.1, AA4