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Training for trainers (two day) print version | course feedback


this course is only available in house

Course Outline


Exploring and adopting an experiential approach to learning in groups, you will discover how to put learning theories into practice. Use tools for training design, get new ideas for delivery, identify responses to difficulties in groups and find ways to manage nerves. The course provides opportunities to practise delivering training and receive constructive feedback to develop or refresh your skills.




To develop participantsí training skills



By the end of the course participants will have had opportunities to:
  • Explore an experiential approach to learning
  • Find out about a range of learning theories
  • Understand different learning styles
  • Explore issues in training design
  • Learn techniques to improve presentations
  • Practice training and receive feedback on individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify ways of managing difficulties in groups


    Please contact us for an up to date course outline.    
    Competences - LSILADDO4, DDO6; NHS KSF G1