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Course Outline

Based on the highly successful Behavioural Control Training, this course will teach participants how to assist those with moderate alcohol dependency to achieve controlled use. The controlled drinking programme offers a practical alternative for those who may not commit to total abstinence. Rigorous evaluation and long-term follow up studies have found controlled drinking to be effective for over 80% of individuals who enter the programme.



Course aim:
  • To develop understanding and skills to assist clients with alcohol related problems to achieve moderate drinking


Course objectives:
By the end of the course participants will have had opportunities to develop skills to:
  • Assess the clients suitability for Behaviour Control Training
  • Establish drinking goals and moderate drinking skills
  • Review and respond to the triggers to over-drinking
  • Provide more in-depth support where underlying problems influence over-drinking
  • Evaluate client progress and the necessity of abstinence where indicated


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Competences - AB2, AH10, AI1