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We ask delegates on our courses what they have found useful and why.

Here are some of the responses from the Building effective teams course.


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  • Dealing with difficult people and approaches to use with them. ‘Evaluation Val’ was a good tool to use with teams. Learning about team dynamics and processes teams go through. Very good, I enjoyed the course and will be using the tools.
    Matthew Fowles, Deputy Project Manager, 1625 Independent People.
  • Very good training - practical tasks for staff. Gained better understanding of where we are as a project. Good group size. Good hand outs.
    Rhys Owen, Deputy Manager, 1625 Independent People.
  • Leadership styles and when to use them, and behaviours in teams and how to deal with them.
    Samantha Thomas, Team Manager, Knightstone Housing.
  • Refreshing my skills and knowledge, especially around stages of team life.
  • To look at the different management styles and when each could be useful. Good practical examples of ways to put the theory into practice.
  • To have a range of visual/practical suggestions in team building. To reinforce/endorse some knowledge I had. I have left today feeling motivated - perhaps I'm not doing so bad after all! Useful in having understanding of process.