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We ask delegates on our courses what they have found useful and why.

Here are some of the responses from the Group supervision course.


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  • Especially useful were techniques to use in group to help with 'difficult' group members. Role play !! Complexity of role , reassurance and also a recognition of how difficult it is.
    Janine Williams, Senior Drug Worker, West Wales Substance Misuse Service
  • Chance to discuss what we all wanted from the day and listen to the other group members. Chance to try out different methods of group supervision to build confidence. Related to our needs. Really great to do some more practical training that we can use to make us more effective.
    Louise Croft ,Coordinator, City of Bath College
  • Good range of useful/appropriate content. Susan's relaxed and flexible delivery style. Role always particularly powerful and useful. Balanced, with right pace and content for a one day course.
    Gareth Harker, Senior Worker, West Wales Substance Misuse Service.
  • Really valuable – gave me real insight into what’s needed to set up effective group supervision and possible pitfalls to watch out for. Will recommend to other team leaders.
  • All aspects of the session were informative and extremely useful. Fantastically skilled trainer – very intuitive.
  • Practising problem solving techniques. Experiencing group supervision 'interaction'. Using 'real' case studies. Very hands on - trainer assessed the group need and adjusted the course content to reflect the need.