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We ask delegates on our courses what they have found useful and why.

Here are some of the responses from the Adolescent development & substance misuse course.


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  • I found everything useful. Stages of development, trajectories, predictors especially. This was one of the best courses I have attended as it deals directly with the problems my team encounters on a daily basis when working with young people. All in all, an excellent course.
    Ross Woodfield, Young Person's Worker, Inroads.
  • Everything! It was great to cement the knowledge and add to it! Enjoyed the depth of information and can now relate it back to my practice.
    Rachel Attwood, Targeted Substance Misuse Worker, Somerset County Council.
  • Booklet - excellent. Exercises to reinforce learning. Being inspired to do some thinking about these issues. The trainer was very good at explaining very difficult concepts and there was lots of good groupwork and discussion. Thank you so much for the two days. It has been so useful and thought provoking. You have helped us to understand a huge wealth of material in an accessible way.
    Julie Coulthard, Drug Education Consultant, Bristol City Council
  • Both days were full of useful and interesting information. Reflecting on own case studies helped to visualise stages of development etc. The course was very insightful and delivered to a high standard. Definitely came away thinking about the topics discussed!! Thank you!
    Hollie Prowse, Student MH Nurse, Young People’s Substance Misuse Treatment Centre.
  • Everything, very thorough and comprehensive. Very well constructed, took me on a useful path which I could relate to my work, giving very useful theory to provide new structure to practice. Loved learning research. Thank you very much.
  • Absolutely everything was useful. The course was developed over the 2 days in a detailed way which enabled me to understand all aspects. This is the best training course I have attended over the past 20 years. The trainer was knowledgeable, able to draw from experiences as examples and has an effective style.