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We ask delegates on our courses what they have found useful and why.

Here are some of the responses from the Understanding personality disorder in practice course.


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  • Clear discussion of topics – interactive, allowing for group views. Handouts useful to digest information and quickly focus on points. Interesting, informative course, well delivered and well paced. Very useful.
    Mar 2017
  • Useful to understand more about the possible background to PD. Thinking about what can be helpful and when difficult situations could arise. A good ‘open environment’ that encouraged discussion. Thank you for all the effort put into group work and handouts.
    Mar 2017
  • Individual just labelled approach to people experiencing or diagnosed with PD. Better understanding of where clients are coming from (personal life story, trauma). Very well presented, with space for discussing experiences and reflective practice.
    Feb 2017
  • Looking at and exploring the concept of personality disorder and the associations and assumptions made when individuals are diagnosed with PD. Looking at behaviours, responses, and ideas to create an environment that increases sense of understanding. Very informative course with lots to take away that I can implement in my own work and hopefully service wide.
    Jan 2017
  • PIE, Emotional intelligence, self harm, case formulation, DBT – Brilliant, all staff should attend.
    Sep 2016
  • Everything useful, especially definitions and case formulation exercise. Handouts very useful. Very informative, great group management and discussion.
    Jul 2016