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We ask delegates on our courses what they have found useful and why.

Here are some of the responses from the CBT based relapse prevention course.


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  • A valuable refresher - "pulling it altogether". Phil's experience is next to none, fantastic at explaining things, backing info up with up to date research evidence. I feel lucky to have training facilitated by someone so passionate, he's inspirational, and refreshing.
    Julia Banks, Substance Misuse Worker, Community Drug & Alcohol Team (Ceredigion) - Feb 2017
  • Extremely knowledgeable trainer. Useful resources for client work.
    Joey Solazzo, Shared Care Worker - Bristol Drugs Project (Bristol ROADS)
  • Theoretical Framework - really clicked with my practice experience. References to evidence base. Applicable tools. Bibliography - a rare treat. Good pre course information. Good size group. Clear interesting, lively presentation. Nothing dry, irrelevant or boring. Ticking all my boxes really. Thank you.
    Colin Levine, Resettlement Team Leader, Nelson Trust.
  • The whole of the training days including useful tools and new models of empowerment for clients. The course is insightful and offers new skills for supporting/ moving clients forward. A really powerful course for practitioners.
    Lynn Mckenzie, Substance Misuse Specialist, Harbour Drug & Alcohol Service.
  • The brain science behind addiction; tools and different ways to discuss and work with cravings and triggers; the relapse scale/inventory of drug taking situations.- March 2017
  • An enjoyable and very informative course which comprehensively covered all aspects of relapse prevention through an achievable and practical approach.