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We ask delegates on our courses what they have found useful and why.

Here are some of the responses from the Supervision skills course.


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  • Truly the entire course was fantastic- the training method suited me and I really am leaving feeling like I have so much more to offer my supervisees. Best training Iíve ever had. Truly educational in an excellent environment created by the trainer.
    Yvonne Claridge, VC Manager (SW), Barnardos.
  • Good balance between discussion, groupwork, role play and games! The trainerís attention to individuals in the group has been faultless - the space felt safe right from the beginning. The past 2 days have been extremely useful and enjoyable. As an experienced supervisor I feel reassured that, on the whole, I do a good job, but have certainly learnt some new things about myself, increasing my confidence and identifying areas I wish to develop. Thank you. Highly recommended!!!!
    Jo Stallard, Chief Executive, Brigstowe Project.
  • All aspects! Spring water to a thirsty man - especially active exercises, role play. A privilege to work with such a skilled and impassioned trainer. Brought the topic to life, held the group well and ensured fun was had by all.
    Richard Smith. Counsellor/Line Manager. Addiction Recovery Agency
  • Role play, supervision models/ theories, sharing experiences of supervision. Susan really is an expert in her training. The whole 2 days have been very stimulating on a professional basis, but also it was made interesting and fun.
    Noel Costello, Volunteer Coordinator, Oasis Partnership
  • I found the role play a very useful tool, to get feedback and practise skills. Also, the theoretical framework was very interesting, especially around role and function of supervisor. I am looking forward to putting skills into practice in my new line management role.
    Dave Whittaker, Service Manager - Keystones Mental Health Support Services
  • Sharing experience. Space to reflect. Introduction of theory. Real life examples. Learning that the issues I face within my team are not just me - they are universal. Never ditch flip chart - it is the best! No PowerPoint! Susan you have so much energy, wisdom and enthusiasm. I really enjoyed your training it was so engaging.
    Rhea Warner, Senior Practitioner, Bristol Drugs Project
  • Very useful - exploring different supervision theories - feeling confident to give them a go - lots of different learning styles. Interactive - great motivational trainer! One of the most interesting courses I've been on. "Real" learning - will be able to apply new tools - develop awareness.