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We ask delegates on our courses what they have found useful and why.

Here are some of the responses from the Mental health awareness course.


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  • I learnt more about specific MH diagnosis that I was unaware of, greater awareness of what it is like to hear voices, what services are available for people and how to access them. I will be more confident at recognising and signposting people. I will share the handout and reference list with my team.
  • Lots of information, very good day. I learnt about the different degrees of mental health and what we can do for self help and support to others.
  • Debate talking about diagnosis, services. Thought provoking, fascinating, packed with content. Certainly one of the best courses Ive been on and has re-sparked my interest.
  • I found the day very informative, the group discussions very thought provoking. Great day all round. Very worthwhile.
  • A relaxed and informed presentation, paced according to the needs of the recipients. Exactly what I hoped to receive from the course. Thank you.
  • Gave full and varied information on mental health topics/symptoms which will greatly help with working life. Really enjoyed course. Extremely helpful.