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We ask delegates on our courses what they have found useful and why.

Here are some of the responses from the Working with concerned others - How to change problematic drug & alcohol use through family members course.


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  • I really enjoyed the course. I often have clients who just need different ways to cope with things and this has given me new tools for this work.
    Sarah Rigden, Carer Involvement Coordinator - Wiltshire Addiction Support Project
  • Yes, helped to formalise and further develop my knowledge and skills of how to support families. Really enjoyed it and looking forward to using these skills in my practice, in this role and moving forward.
    Anna Kasmir, Regional Development Coordinator – Adfam
  • Outcome info, assessment, the style of delivery, the workbooks, the discussion. The trainer adapted our needs as a group. Easy to grasp and understand. I feel motivated and confident in using all I have learnt.
    Jenni Lake, Drug worker, Plan B
  • Extremely useful, everything in this programme is beneficial in my working place. It has increased my confidence as a family support worker!! A huge thank you to Phil for his fantastic delivery of the PACT Programme. Thank you for all your support and ideas to help shape our service.
    Linda Murphy, Family & Carer Support Worker.
  • Everything – but in particular the domestic violence info and behaviour model in detail
    Rachel Brompton Coordinator, New Pathways.
  • Very useful and interesting. I found this course excellent and, at last, training for Carer’s. I hope this training is rolled out to all services to give them the knowledge of issues for Carers. Thank you.
  • Everything was useful. From learning about the 7 symptoms of dependence to all the little off the cuff pieces of info just dropped in. I have learnt so much and found every aspect extremely useful! Not only fantastic training – well put together with lots of e.g.’s and practical exercises. The trainer was the most knowledgeable person I have ever met within substance misuse and mental health. Made the 3 days extremely enjoyable- thank you! – very inspirational.