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We ask delegates on our courses what they have found useful and why.

Here are some of the responses from the The impact of sexual trauma - addiction and recovery course.


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  • Particularly useful were: the stepped work with treatment charts; grounding and anchors for the trauma clients; and the exercise identifying our responses to trauma/ feelings etc and how we might feedback to clients. The pace of the training was very good, packed full of useful information and exercises and offering further reading.  I fully intend to inform my agency about this excellent training and hope to work with both facilitators again in the near future.
    Marie- Ann Hendry, Akousis.
  • Everything really. Fantastic trainers. Your manner, knowledge, delivery and empathy is amazing (inspirational!) Thank you. As always an invaluable course.
    Vicki Fry. Floating Support Worker S Gloucestershire Drugs Service. DHI
  • Hugely useful. My practice will change forever. I feel all the people I support will benefit from the understanding and skills I have gained.  It bought many ideas together for me Inspiring!  I feel so strongly that all professionals working to support people who have experienced any form of abuse or trauma need this training.  I am going to be very busy making my way through the reading list, you have ignited a new need for knowledge and development of myself.
  • All useful and informative, covered a lot of ground in 2 days.  Enthused us all to continue working in this area. Particularly useful - coping strategies; grounding; here and now work.  Difficult subject, delivered with confidence and sensitivity.  Also dispelled myths and fears - that you have to be a 'specialist' to work with abuse.  This training useful to help workers from a variety of working environments.
  • This training gave an excellent insight into the theoretical and practical aspects of working with survivors of abuse. It offered practical advice; useful strategies for supporting clients and ourselves. Excellent trainers with a wealth of collective knowledge and skills. Very real and human. Thank you very much.
  • Helped to understand why and how we are affected by trauma, how to help them talk about their trauma and bring them back from a place where it is uncomfortable to a safe place.