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We ask delegates on our courses what they have found useful and why.

Here are some of the responses from the Contolled drinking programme course.


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  • Clarification around units and BAC levels. Specific, really realistic techniques for reducing drinking and managing triggers. Really comprehensive workbook and training style. Fantastic and really relevant and applicable.
    Vicky Brooks. Community Support Worker. Harbour Drug & Alcohol Service.
  • All the information was useful and very informative - the tips provided and worksheet are great and will be used with my clients.
    Katie Plant, Substance Misuse Specialist, Harbour Drug & Alcohol Services
  • Everything, but particularly sleep hygiene information. I also liked the practical tools to help clients understand what happens in their bodies when they consume different amounts of alcohol. Very useful training yet again!! Incredibly relevant and useful!
    Louisa Felgate, Substance Misuse Specialist, Harbour Drug & Alcohol Services
  • All of it! I particularly found looking at BAC useful, and hope to implement it in my practice. Very useful session - allowed me to feel more confident assessing suitability for alcohol treatment, particularly controlled drinking.
    Katie Bothma, Substance Misuse Specialist, Harbour Drug & Alcohol Services
  • Really enjoyed the course, found it very useful and Phil was a fantastic trainer, clear and very knowledgeable. How to use controlled drinking with clients. How to use units and blood alcohol content. Gained lots more knowledge. Great two days. Thank you.
  • A variety of essential learning to develop practice in my role as an alcohol practitioner. Combining research, analytical and practical methods of learning worked extremely well to support this subject area.. Excellent. highly recommended.
  • I have learnt how to support a client who has expressed interest in controlled drinking and how to recognise if and when someone is ready. Great training and very interesting. Phil is a really good trainer and makes you feel comfortable when sharing your knowledge.