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Easton Business Centre
Felix Road

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Effective communication - using assertiveness techniques

Do you ever find yourself being dumped upon, taken for granted, manipulated or blowing your top? This course develops your confidence and skills in using techniques to improve your communication and change the way that others respond to you.


  • To develop an understanding of what effective communication is
  • To develop confidence in using assertiveness techniques to communicate clearly and effectively

By the end of the course participants will have had opportunities to:

  • Explore the difference between passive, aggressive, manipulative and assertive ways to communicate
  • Understand the essential ingredients for effective communication and practice using them
  • Explore a range of commonly experienced difficulties with communication and consider more effective responses/solutions


Day 1    
Times Session Content Methods


9.30 Introductions and climate setting
Aims and Outline
Whole group
10.00 Session One: Understanding communication
What is effective communication?
Commonly experienced barriers
Recognising the use of aggressive, manipulative, passive and assertive communication
Whole group
Individual exercise
11.30 Break  
11.45 Session Two: Effective communication ingredients and techniques
Understanding the ingredients and practicing to use them
Understanding the techniques and practicing them
Pulling it together for assertive communication
Whole group
12.30 Lunch  
1.30 Session Three: Dealing with difficulties
Recognizing behaviours, triggers and situations that make effective communication more difficult
Practicing techniques to deal with these

Individual exercise
Small groups
Whole group
3.00 Break  
3.15 Session Four: Personal action planning
Practical exploration of and solutions to communication difficulties with groups and organisations
Developing individual action plans for improving own communication

Whole group
Individual exercise
4.30 Close  

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