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Sustaining empathy

Designed specifically for supporters keen to explore their own responses and deepen empathy, this reflective day provides participants with a safe space to explore how and why they feel challenged by certain clients. Aimed at strengthening the support relationship in challenging circumstances, the course considers what happens when change is hard, and how to remain hopeful and helpful when supporting clients with complex needs.


  • To develop participants understanding of what might be going on when clients present in ways they find challenging, especially in relation to change, in order to deepen and sustain their empathy with those clients
  • To provide a safe space to reflect upon participants own responses and reactions in order to ensure the best outcomes possible for complex clients, whilst retaining a strong sense of satisfaction for supporters.


    • Explore what is going on when clients and situations challenge empathy, and review what the concept of ‘helping’ can mean.
    • Reflect on how personal World Views about change have developed, and how this impacts on professional approaches within support relationships
    • Identify the different levels of empathic responses, and recognise the thoughts, feelings and actions of a supporter experiencing advanced empathy
    • Recognise what happens when empathy is lost and learn to notice, reflect and be curious about this experience in order to regain compassion and avoid empathy fatigue
    • Consider the importance of consistent boundaries and team approach when working with people with complex needs
    • Explore the skills, qualities and attributes of ‘the tenacious supporter’ and consider the positive impact this approach can have both immediately and in the long term for clients
    • Analyse both the emotional costs and the emotional benefits of the work for supporters, to check we have the balance right and can remain hopeful and sustain empathy in our work


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