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Dual diagnosis (two day)

Do you work with people who experience both mental health and substance misuse problems? Two days of learning and reflection enable you to explore dual diagnosis as a treatment issue, discuss clinical guidance, find out more about methods to assess need and develop your skills in working with this client group.


  • To provide non-statutory workers with a clear framework for assessing and treating people with dual diagnosis


By the end of the course participants will have had opportunities to:

  • identify sub-populations of dual diagnosis clients
  • describe the interactions between mental illness and substance misuse
  • Practice evidence based approaches to effective treatment of dual diagnosis clients
  • explain the Department of Health recommended guidelines for dual diagnosis treatment (Osher & Kofoed 1989)


Day 1    
Times Session Content
9.30 Introductions and Climate Setting

9.45 Session 1: Baseline Knowledge
Mental health; Personality disorders; Diagnosis
11.00 Break  
11.15 Session 2: Substance Misuse and Mental health
Mental health problems caused by drug use; Drugs and symptoms; Street drugs and prescribed drugs
1.00 Lunch  
2.00 Session 3: Dual Diagnosis
Prevelance; Interactions; Specific problems


3.00 Break  
3.15 Session 4: Change
NHS frame work; Stage matching; Problems

4.15 Review and Evaluation  
4.30 Close  
Day 2    
9.30 Session 1: Engagement
Establishing a relationship; Influence of helper; Compliance and outcomes

11.00 Break  
11.15 Session 2: Persuasion
Suicide and para-suicide; Over generalised memory; Working with ambivalence
1.00 Lunch  
2.00 Session 3: Treatment
Addressing intolerable states; Anxiety; Psychosis; Depression


3.00 Break  
3.15 Session 4: Relapse
Risk and diagnosis; Stress inoculation; Quality of life

4.15 Review and evaluation  
4.30 Close  

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