Dual diagnosis 1 day (online for individuals)

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Explore the interactions between mental illness and substance misuse, and identify evidence based approaches to effective assessment, management and treatment of dual diagnosis.

This is a 1 day course delivered online (for individuals).

A day of learning and reflection on the complexities of dual diagnosis.

Participants explore the interactions between mental illness and substance misuse, establish a framework for assessment and identify evidence based approaches to effective management and treatment for this client group.

    This training is available for individual staff members on our open programme in Bristol (you come to us) and as a 1 or 2 day course for teams in-house (we come to you).

    Also currently available (online for teams).

    Course aims

    To provide non-statutory workers with a clear framework for assessing and treating people with dual diagnosis

    Course objectives

    By the end of the course participants will have had opportunities to:

    • Identify the specific issues affecting dual diagnosis clients
    • Use the Osher & Kofed Four stage Framework to encompass the client’s full range of needs
    • Identify how to increase alliance factors to maximise effectiveness

    Venue info:

    This course is delivered online (for individuals).

    Trainer: Phil Harris

    "Amazing amount of information shared, good understanding for myself and I will use a lot of the information with service users. Very good training, highly recommended."

    "I have a better understanding of the impacts of mental health and drugs on the brain and how to use this knowledge to help people. Very interesting, fab trainer, knowledgeable, funny and informative."

    "Great training, fantastic trainer, lots of useful information. Has changed the way I think about things and will improve the way I work with clients with dual diagnosis."

    "I’m leaving with increased knowledge and confidence to work with dual diagnosis and feeling inspired to increase support outcomes for service users. Brilliant training day, amazing trainer and content."

    "The trainer interacted with the group very well and made me feel at ease. I found it all very relevant. Great information, I have enjoyed today and learnt a great deal. Thank you."

    "Informative, interesting and useful – I loved it, have learnt a lot and all relevant to my job. Look forward to putting to use the knowledge gained. It is without doubt one of the most interesting courses I have attended. All of it was excellent."