Dual diagnosis (2 day)

In-house course

Explore the interactions between mental illness and substance misuse, and identify evidence based approaches to effective assessment, management and treatment of dual diagnosis.

This is a 2 day in-house course (we come to you).

Two days of learning and reflection on the complexities of dual diagnosis.

Participants explore the interactions between mental illness and substance misuse, establish a framework for assessment and identify evidence based approaches to effective management and treatment for this client group.

    This training is available for individual staff members on our open programme in Bristol (you come to us) or as a 1 day in-house course (we come to you).

    Also currently available (online for teams).

    Course aims

    To provide non-statutory workers with a clear framework for assessing and treating people with dual diagnosis

    Course objectives

    By the end of the course participants will have had opportunities to:

    • Identify sub-populations of dual diagnosis clients
    • Describe the interactions between mental illness and substance misuse
    • Practice evidence based approaches to effective treatment of dual diagnosis clients
    • Explain the Department of Health recommended guidelines for dual diagnosis treatment (Osher & Kofoed 1989)

    Venue info:

    In-house courses (we come to you)

    We would ask you to arrange a suitable venue and refreshments for the training. Contact us for more information.

    Trainer: Phil Harris

    "I found the bond, goal and exploring the brain itself particularly interesting and useful. Very thorough, positively intensive and very inspiring course."

    Michelle Healy, Managing Director, Keystones Mental Health Support Services, November 2016

    "Most interesting course I have ever been on… turned theories & beliefs upside down - was so much wider than 'Dual Diagnosis' - puts mental health, addiction & dependency into context of the real world rather than as isolated conditions."

    Outreach Team Worker, ARC Homelessness support

    "Understanding the impact of mental illness and substance misuse is "greater than sum of parts", exploring the difficulties of working with this group. Useful understanding of Dual Diagnosis, significance of life course and age of onset of use."

    Social worker, Ceredigion Social Services Substance Misuse Team

    "We were all utterly blown away by the course, it was so incredibly interesting and thought provoking. Just this morning with a client, we have used some of the techniques taught to us on the course. I hope this course will run again as I would love to send our new starters along when they join us."

    "Lots of information backed up by personal experience and examples. Some simple exercises to engage and work with dual diagnosis clients. Well presented with a good balance of humour."

    "Looking forward to putting strategies and ideas into practice and I am inspired to do further research. One of the best training sessions I have ever attended. Very inspirational and energising."

    "Phil quite obviously ‘knows his stuff’ and was able to respond to any questions thrown at him. Information about drugs/alcohol and MH was all relevant and ‘fitted’ together for me to take back to our service. I learnt a lot over these two days; treatment and dual diagnosis and personality disorders were all really helpful. Very full agenda with lots to absorb."