Groupwork skills

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Develop skills and confidence in group facilitation, group management, co-facilitation and creative groupwork methods.

This is a 2 day course in Bristol (you come to us).

Understand the key stages of group process to develop your confidence in group facilitation.

Identify practical ways to overcome problems in groups, practise co-facilitation and develop creative methods to apply in your own setting.

    Also available for teams in-house (we come to you).

    Course aims

    To develop participants' knowledge and understanding of working with groups

    Course objectives

    By the end of the course participants will have had opportunities to:

    • Explore stages of group development
    • Explore and practice some key skills for group facilitation
    • Identify practical ways of overcoming problems in groups
    • Consider resources and exercises to maximise participation and learning

    Venue info:

    Courses in Bristol (you come to us)

    We will deliver the training to smaller groups and/or in larger rooms. We have been working closely with venues to ensure we have Covid-safety measures and clear guidance in place.

    If for any reason the course cannot be delivered face-to-face, we will take a flexible and responsive approach to keep people learning – which will include transferring bookings to the next available dates.

    Trainer: Susan Lawrence

    "Pretty much everything, breaking down the group process into all its parts, reflection throughout and practicing skills. Really enjoyed it and it felt beneficial for me to be in a small group. Looking forward to putting some new skills into practice."

    Roisin Soares, Outdoor learning educator, Windmill Hill City Farm, May 2019

    "Terms & conditions, aims & objectives, Tuckman theory, revisiting Maslow. Very well considered and thought out, practical and useful tips for actually doing it."

    Susan Lawrence, Tenancy Support Officer, Places for People, May 2019

    "Modelling the facilitator role and transparency, practical session running a 15 minute slot really useful. Theory given in a really accessible way. Lots of creative methods used kept it interesting. Felt safe and supported. Really useful, enjoyable and I know I will put a lot of my learning into practice."

    Ali Prescott, Counsellor, University of Bristol, September 2018

    "Safe space to be myself, without judgement. Delivered in such a way to hold interest, enthusiasm and with fun. Very useful and inspiring to deliver group work with a confidence I know will increase."

    Gill Richards, Peer Recovery Navigator, Second Step Housing Association, September 2018

    "Theories of group work. All the little ideas of warm ups, games etc. Continual explanations. Lots of practical work and pushing us out of our comfort zone. Excellent. Well presented, kept me engaged all the way through, very helpful."

    Diane Girling, Social Prescribing Practitioner, My Script (DHI), March 2017

    "Everything! So many good tips, tricks and advice. Really valuable and motivating, has changed how I will approach groups in future. Had a lot of fun as well! Susan is a great trainer."

    Juliette Simmons, Resettlement and Support Officer, Elizabeth Fry Charity, March 2017