Introduction to supervision (online for individuals)

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Explore theory and tools to develop a structured supervision process to support, challenge and motivate staff.

This is a 1/2 day course delivered online (for individuals).

This course provides a tried and tested approach to providing effective supervision, as part of management processes that motivate, support, develop and direct staff, in meeting organisational objectives.

The course covers templates for contracting and recording, what to include on a supervision agenda and opportunities to discuss setting a conducive environment; alongside a review of the various underpinning theories.

Using a blended approach to learning, this course offers a half day introductory session over zoom, handouts and reading, practice and reflection tasks to apply learning back in the workplace, and a short review session 6 weeks later to optimise learning.

    Also available (online for teams).

    Course aims

    To equip participants with the knowledge, tools and templates to develop a systematic approach to effective supervision, which will support, challenge and motivate staff

    To develop participants’ skills and confidence to deliver effective supervision

    Course objectives

    By the end of the course participants will have had opportunities to:

    • Explore their knowledge, experience and attitude to supervision - both personal and organisational
    • Consider an ‘integrated approach’ to supervision
    • Agree some basic principles in delivering effective supervision – for example contracting, creating agendas, recording and what needs to be considered for setting the tone and environment
    • Be introduced to several underpinning theoretical frameworks

    Venue info:

    This course is delivered online (for individuals).

    Trainer: Susan Moores

    "Really useful session all round. Thinking about purposes, standardisation, COVID impact and recording all great. Trainer was engaging and had good boundaries."

    Service Lead, January 2021

    "All of it was useful! Especially useful to include cross section of the organisation. Break out rooms were good to do mini deep dives. Loved the time at the beginning to chat and share. Great, informative session. Good, creative vibe with colleagues."

    Manager, January 2021

    "Hearing how everyone is pretty much on the same page and have the same goal. Really enjoyed and benefitted from the opportunity to be creative and work as a team, to explore ideas and thoughts."

    Manager, January 2021

    "Agenda's in supervision was really good. It was good to re-focus on priorities and to put more energy into supervision again after a period of it gradually becoming a little bit of a corporate 'tick box' exercise. Really good online, emphasis on really positive values meant it felt welcoming and safe."

    Senior Youth Support Worker, February 2021

    "I found all of the content useful. Glad this was available to me, I've learnt a huge amount and been able to reflect on lots of my own practice."

    Project Worker, January 2021

    "Use of breakout rooms to share communication, good information given and recommended readings/podcasts. Great trainer!"

    Co-ordinator, January 2021