Motivational interviewing 2 day (online for teams)

In-house course

Understand the spirit and principles and practice core skills to deliver motivational interviewing to initiate change.

This is a 2 day online course delivered in-house (for teams).

Participants develop an understanding of the spirit and processes of motivational interviewing, the leading approach to initiating change in a wide range of problems.

Practise skills to deepen assessment processes and help people to reflect on behaviours and consequences, articulate and recognise the need for change, engage with support services, and strengthen their motivation and commitment to positive change.

    Available as a 1 day course (online for teams) and as a 2 day course (online for individuals).

    Also available for individual staff members on our open programme in Bristol (you come to us) and for teams in-house (we come to you).

    Course aims

    To build on current practice and provide participants with a deeper understanding of the skills and knowledge involved in motivational interviewing

    Course objectives

    By the end of the course participants will have had opportunities to:

    • Identify sub-types of pre-contemplative clients
    • Describe the factors that increase initial motivation for change
    • Understand the influence of the helper on motivation for change
    • Develop reflective listening skills
    • Deliver the motivational interviewing within the four key phases of motivational interviewing
    • Understand the role of motivational interviewing within a wider process of change

    Venue info:

    This course is delivered online (for teams)

    Trainer: Phil Harris

    "Increased my awareness and confidence to target a conversation back to the client, their needs and intent to change. Very well held considering online is never easy as oppose to face to face, but there was discussion, helpful use of break out rooms, humour and lots of breaks!"

    Louise Mensah, Safehouse Manager, Unseen, January 2021

    "All of it was great. As a counsellor, it has really given me some very useful skills and made me consider when and how I talk to clients about making changes."

    Liz Jackson, Safe-house Bank Worker, Unseen, January 2021

    "Incorporating background knowledge into the reasons clients may be in pre-contemplation stage - having a variety of visual diagrams along with real time notes from the trainer as well as some videos. It was great - accessible, easy to operate, it was good having breakout rooms to get to know people a bit more and work on exercises and to have frequent smaller breaks."

    Administrator, February 2021

    "Phil was amazing, really clear and concise. He was very gentle and understanding and he made it so interesting. I really enjoyed the psychological aspect of the learning. The different types of pre-contemplation and working with them were particularly interesting to me. Zoom worked really well and the breakout rooms were great. This was some of the best training I’ve ever been on."

    Support worker, February 2021.

    "The training was very useful and I know I'll be applying the techniques in my practice. It was really well done and was really fluid with no glitches. I really enjoyed it! Really informative and enjoyable."

    Drug & alcohol recovery worker, November 2020.

    "Skills practise. Meeting new people. The whole material. Very good, skilled tutor. I prefer it online!"

    Drug & alcohol recovery worker, November 2020