Resilience skills

In-house course

Strength-building positive psychology interventions for staff wanting to protect their own wellbeing, alongside promoting self-help skills in others.

This is a 1 day in-house course (we come to you).

Using evidence based positive psychology interventions that are easily applied and taught; for staff working with young people and adults wanting to protect their own wellbeing, alongside promoting self-help skills in others.

Explore self-help tools to develop growth mindsets, draw out strengths, recover from setbacks and build resilient responses to difficult situations.

    Also currently available (online for individuals) and (online for teams).

    Course aims

    To develop participants’ understanding of how resilience can be strengthened by learnable skills

    To increase participants’ familiarity with resilience skills, with the dual benefit of protecting staff wellbeing and promoting the self-help capacity of clients

    Course objectives

    By the end of the course participants will have had opportunities to:

    • Be aware of an evidence base showing that resilience training reduces the risk of depression, anxiety, stress related conditions and drink/drug misuse
    • Recognise how growth mindsets can help recovery from setbacks
    • Explore methods for drawing out strengths in themselves and/or clients
    • Become more familiar with practical strategies for problem solving, recovering from setbacks, dealing with distress and improving relationships

    Venue info:

    In-house courses (we come to you)

    We would ask you to arrange a suitable venue and refreshments for the training. Contact us for more information.

    Trainer: Chris Johnstone

    "I will take the exercises away with me and use personally and professionally. All useful. Fantastic!"

    Jan Evans, Offender Supervisor, Elizabeth Fry Charity, March 2019

    "Chris is a wonderful facilitator who was very in tune with the group. One of the best I have done with the Training Exchange."</>

    Sam Lloyd-Smith, Health & Social Care Manager, Windmill Hill City Farm, March 2019

    "Gaining practical skills and having opportunities to practice in session. Excellent! Chris is really inspiring, and it was helpful to hear real life examples. Have gained real strategies I can use personally and professionally."

    Welfare & Wellbeing Lead, FE College, March 2019

    "Safe, supportive environment. Identifying emotional first aid for self & clients. The challenge zones. The storyboarding pair task. The spider diagram. Very pleasant, knowledgeable trainer, kind approach."

    Self-harm Worker, Mental Health Charity, March 2019

    "Everything was useful. Especially spider diagram, water level mapping and hot tips. I really enjoyed storyboarding activity in pairs. I've found it very useful and an eye-opening experience. Fantastic training!"

    "The whole course has been useful. Especially storyboards, water level and traffic light tools. I really enjoyed the course and think it will help both at work and in my personal life."