Self-harm & suicide intervention (online for teams)

In-house course

A day of two parts to develop understanding and responses to self harm, and to increase confidence in talking with individuals who have thoughts of suicide to promote and plan for their safety.

This is a 1 day online course delivered in-house (for teams).

Drawing on lived experience, feedback and evidence based guidance, develop your awareness and identify good practice in responding to individuals who self harm and individuals who have thoughts of suicide.

Gain information about self harm, background factors and functions, and consider implications for support. Recognise what is different about self harming behaviour and suicide intent, and where there is a connection related to risk.

Develop approaches to engaging with individuals who have thoughts of suicide to promote their safety, and reflect on the support needs of workers responding to people in crisis.

    Also available for teams in-house (we come to you)

    Course aims

    To develop understanding of self-harm and responses that are helpful and to increase confidence in talking about suicide and planning for safety with individuals who have thoughts of suicide

    Course objectives

    By the end of the course participants will have had opportunities to:

    • Develop understanding about self-harm and reflect on the challenges for staff and volunteers when providing support
    • Think about helpful responses, drawing on the views of people who use self-harm and up to date evidenced based guidance
    • Recognise the difference between self-harming behaviours and suicidal thinking and also the links with potential risk for some individuals
    • Increase confidence in talking about suicide with individuals
    • Consider suicide risk and how to respond, drawing on evidenced based suicide first response strategies

    Venue info:

    This course is delivered online (for teams)

    Trainer: Suzanne Pearson

    "Very good knowledge on self-harm, suicide prevention and safety planning. Useful case study exercises, group discussions and excellent resources."

    Service Manager, One25 Project

    "All very useful, especially with responding to self-harm or suicidal thoughts re: intent and risk. Very informative and active in challenging our own beliefs of self harm and suicide."

    Mental Health Crisis support Worker, Missing Link

    "It was good to talk and discuss a topic which is difficult and can be taboo. The training was both informative and thought provoking. There was a good deal of content, but time was managed well so as not to be overwhelming."

    Crisis Worker, SARC

    "Gathering difficult perspectives from others and trainer. Found the group overall, very relaxed, good space to discuss freely thoughts on self-harm and suicide."

    MH Support worker, Missing Link

    "Excellent day, wide range of activities and a lot of helpful information and resources. Working through case studies and group discussions; reminders of my knowledge and hearing from others. Delivered really well, presented in easy to digest format and handled with care, but thoroughly."

    "Understanding the complex feelings behind self-harm & suicide. The case studies and talking through possible scenarios. Suzanne is a brilliant instructor. She created a safe space for an open and honest dialogue on a very difficult topic."