What our trainers have to say about working with The Training Exchange...

    "I have worked for the Training Exchange for over 15 years; a testament to my positive experience of being part of the organisation. Most of all we share the same values. A passion for supporting staff and volunteers in the work they do so they can provide compassionate, evidence-based services that can make a real difference to people’s lives."

    Suzanne Pearson, Trainer, July 2021

    "Working for the Training Exchange has over the years brought interesting requests and challenges for content of training delivery, venues and accommodation. I have travelled many hundreds of miles, been lost on several occasions, felt adrenaline, nerves and intrigue in equal measure; but in the end have always been met by participants who are keen to learn, share and develop their skills, understanding and application of learning. I have tried and tested many exercises and activities whilst training with The Training Exchange and have shared a positive journey with the company over the last 25 years."

    Susan Moores, Trainer, July 2021

    "Jo and the team at the Training Exchange provide a fantastic level of support for trainers and it is always a pleasure to work with them. I have had a range of opportunities to develop and deliver a wide range of courses over the years and look forward to many more going forwards."

    Clare Lucas, Trainer, May 2021

    "The Training Exchange team provide all round support for my training delivery. They always communicate well with me and all organisations. They take special care with all the details which enable teams and services to consider what they need. The Training Exchange’s attention to detail, and warmth in all their communications makes them a lovely team to work with and work for."

    Susan Lawrence, Trainer, May 2021

      What our clients have to say about working with The Training Exchange...

        "The Training Exchange works with a clear learning approach – so is always drawing on best practice and the most up-to-date information and knowledge in both training and consultancy work. They have the experience and expertise necessary to do the work commissioned and always deliver to deadline."

        Public Health Service Manager.

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