Working with stuck clients

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Develop your tool box of practical skills and techniques to navigate resistance and develop change with treatment resistant clients.

This is a 1 day course in Bristol (you come to us).

Resistance to change is an inevitable part of psychological therapies work. This course provides critical insight into the principle sources of resistance in the client, in the practitioner and in the language. It describes traps we easily fall in to with resistance clients and how to avoid them.

Participants develop an extensive tool box of practical skills and techniques to navigate resistance and develop change even with the most psychologically stuck clients.

    Available for teams in-house (we come to you).

    Also currently available (online for individuals) and (online for teams).

    Course aims

    Develop understanding, skills and techniques to navigate resistance and develop change with the most psychologically stuck clients

    Course objectives

    By the end of the course participants will have had opportunities to:

    • Understand the three central sources of resistance
    • Explore strategies to monitor and respond to ruptures in the working alliance
    • Develop skills and techniques to respond to resistance in stuck clients
    • Discuss how to overcome resistance even when change is desired

    Venue info:

    Courses in Bristol (you come to us)

    We will deliver the training to smaller groups and/or in larger rooms. We have been working closely with venues to ensure we have Covid-safety measures and clear guidance in place.

    If for any reason the course cannot be delivered face-to-face, we will take a flexible and responsive approach to keep people learning – which will include delivering the training on the same day as a live interactive online session, or transferring bookings to the next available dates.

    Trainer: Phil Harris

    "Working with the preconception and contemplation stages. Values, dealing with emotions and wishful outcomes. Looking forward to attending more courses with Phil Harris!"

    Shanta Foley, Youth Practitioner, Caring in Bristol, July 2021

    "Very good course. I like the stress on being creative and reflective, and having a focus on the client’s world. Lots was useful! The use of “you”, talking in present tense, shrug shoulders/not be too poised; deal with people’s attitudes, name the emotion and the importance of values."

    Paul Solly, Lifeline Manager, Genesis Trust, July 2021

    "Such an interesting training course – everything was relevant to my practice. The entire day was useful"

    Becky Lewis, Swindon Borough Council, July 2021

    "The whole course was useful and the way it challenged my current thinking and work practice. Excellent, I really enjoyed myself!"

    Catherine Booth, Substance Misuse Worker, July 2021

    "Great course! Understanding sources of resistance and how to overcome them. Would be great to see some more examples of real-life scenarios – Phil provided several great ones!"

    Ivana Bensted, Deputy Gateway Manager, Genesis Trust Bath, July 2021

    "Working with others was useful and sharing different practices. Gaining knowledge of different strategies to use with stuck clients. Very clear content and delivered very clearly. Good activities!"

    Laura Hathway, Social Prescriber, July 2021