Working with treatment resistant clients (online for individuals)

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Develop your tool box of practical skills and techniques to navigate resistance and develop change with treatment resistant clients.

This is a 1 day course delivered online (for individuals).

Resistance to change is an inevitable part of psychological therapies work. This course provides critical insight into the principle sources of resistance in the client, in the practitioner and in the language. It describes traps we easily fall in to with resistance clients and how to avoid them.

Participants develop an extensive tool box of practical skills and techniques to navigate resistance and develop change even with the most psychologically stuck clients.

    Also currently available (online for teams).

    Course aims

    Develop understanding, skills and techniques to navigate resistance and develop change with the most psychologically stuck clients

    Course objectives

    By the end of the course participants will have had opportunities to:

    • Understand the three central sources of resistance
    • Explore strategies to monitor and respond to ruptures in the working alliance
    • Develop skills and techniques to respond to resistance in stuck clients
    • Discuss how to overcome resistance even when change is desired

    Venue info:

    This course is delivered online (for individuals)

    Trainer: Phil Harris

    "All useful. WOOP, Psychological immunity, Treatment outcomes. The small room chats were helpful and experiencing the learning in pairs cemented my learning. Very knowledgeable trainer."

    Multi-agency course, October 2020

    "The tools suggested for setting goals. The anecdotes and examples were very fun and memorable, and helped me to further understand. It was very clear to follow, and easy to use. The breakout rooms were useful and the presentation especially as Phil was writing on it."

    Substance Use Case Worker, October 2020

    "Neuroscience, focus on emotional brain decisions, WOOP model, focus on the process over solutions with clients, graphs showing progress trajectories/success of interventions. Really helpful."

    ISVA, October 2020

    "Really positive, the course was delivered really well! I feel that the training gave me some new techniques that will help me to work with stuck clients. It was a brilliant training session and I feel I gained a lot from the day. I've attended several of Phil's training sessions over the years and they never disappoint! Thank you."

    Treatment Worker, November 2020

    "It was all very useful, insightful and interesting. This was the best training I have received through an employer in a very long time. I feel very motivated to start using the ideas learnt today."

    Criminal Justice Worker, November 2020

    "All really positive! I now have a completely different thoughts on working with stuck clients. It was so well delivered it made me feel really involved. I enjoyed the whole day and have really benefited from this training. Brilliant. Very interesting, in fact fascinating. I have found this really motivating and it has reminded me how much I still have to learn."

    Criminal Justice Worker, November 2020

    "Everything - but particularly WOOP goal setting and working on overcoming fears. Good size of group, and enjoyed being able to have discussions/practise in breakout rooms as well. Great balance of explaining the science behind thought processes and practical techniques to try out."

    Recovery Worker, November 2020

    "All of it! Very informative - it will change the way I think about my role as well as informing my approach. The course has really made me reflect on my own assumptions, drivers and expectations and how that could influence a stuck client. Pace was very good, transitions in and out of break out rooms was very streamlined, pre-course material (especially the zoom info sheets) was helpful. I feel I have really benefited from this training, I didn't want it to end!"

    Recovery Worker, November 2020