CBT tools for stress & anxiety

In-house course

1 in 6 people of working age are experiencing clinical levels of anxiety and/or low mood that impacts on their day-to-day life. Learn practical tools and techniques that can be used to assist people to better manage stress and reduce the impact of anxiety.

This is a 1 day in-house course (we come to you).

An introduction to the cognitive behavioural approach to understanding and addressing excessive stress and anxiety difficulties.

Learn practical tools and techniques that can be used to assist people to better manage stress and reduce the impact of anxiety on their day-to-day life and develop resilience in a range of contexts including work-place, support roles and personal life.

The course will also provide extensive signposting information about other helpful sources of practical information and resources.

    This training is available for individual staff members on our open programme in Bristol (you come to us).

    Also currently available (online for teams).

    Course aims

    Develop understanding, tools and techniques in a cognitive behavioural approach to stress and anxiety

    Course objectives

    By the end of the course participants will have had opportunities to:

    • Gain an introduction to cognitive behavioural approaches to understanding and addressing anxiety difficulties
    • Clarify what is meant by stress and anxiety, the differences and possible links and how to use this understanding to assist others
    • Practice using CBT based approaches, techniques and tools that can enable a person to better manage stress and/or reduce excessive anxiety
    • Identify the evidenced based factors and strategies involved in resilience and consider different ways of supporting people in developing their resilience

    Venue info:

    In-house courses (we come to you)

    We would ask you to arrange a suitable venue and refreshments for the training. Contact us for more information.

    Trainer: Suzanne Pearson

    "Having a thorough overview of CBT Theory, alongside time allocated to reflect on and listen to personal experiences and perspectives. List of resources to follow up. Hugely valuable for anyone who wants a better understanding of themselves and others."

    Eileen McKenzie, Service Manager, Knowle West Health Park, February 2020

    "The whole course was very informative and gave me lots of food for thought. Thank you very much, this was a great training with really useful information and useful tasks."

    Julie Long, Deputy Family and Community Locality Manager, Compass Point Children’s Centre, February 2020

    "A lot of detail, need it and want it. Time to talk about personal experiences and trainer open to answer questions. I liked sharing ideas with others from different job roles and life experiences."

    Laura Grant, Youth Moves, February 2020

    "The whole course was very helpful and gave me further confidence in facilitating CBT based programmes. The programme content was perfect for what I wanted, I appreciated the opportunity to ask questions and listen to others experiences. The trainer was very knowledgeable, loved the calm pace and delivery."

    Course participant, February 2020

    "CBT is new to me - I found it a helpful and useful tool applicable to my day-to-day work. Great to be here again for a day’s training – wished it was longer!"

    Course participant, February 2020

    "All useful, including the additional content from other delegates facilitated by the warm and open environment created by Suzanne. This was beautifully put together, delivered and timed. Super impressed."

    Course participant, February 2020