Resilience skills (online for teams)

In-house course

Strength-building positive psychology interventions for staff wanting to protect their own wellbeing, alongside promoting self-help skills in others.

This is a 1 day equivalent course delivered online over 2 sessions using a combination of live webinars and video based content.

Strength-building positive psychology interventions of proven effectiveness; for staff wanting to protect their own wellbeing, alongside promoting self-help skills in the people they work with. Resilience training has been shown to reduce the risk of depression and anxiety.

    This is a 1 day equivalent course, delivered over 2 x half days with space in-between to practice skills.

    The course uses a combination of live webinars and video based content with downloadable handouts, which participants have access to for up to 1 year.

      Also available (online for individuals).

      Course aims

      To develop participants’ understanding of how resilience can be strengthened by learnable skills

      To increase participants’ familiarity with resilience skills, with the dual benefit of protecting staff wellbeing and promoting the self-help capacity of clients

      Course objectives

      By the end of the course participants will have had opportunities to:

      • Be aware of an evidence base showing that resilience training reduces the risk of depression, anxiety, stress related conditions and drink/drug misuse
      • Recognise how growth mindsets can help recovery from setbacks
      • Explore methods for drawing out strengths in themselves and/or clients
      • Become more familiar with practical strategies for problem solving, recovering from setbacks, dealing with distress and improving relationships

      Venue info:

      This course is delivered online (for teams)

      Trainer: Chris Johnstone

      "I learnt so much. So many exercises I want to go away and practice. I will use them to help me develop a resilience course of our client base. A brilliant course, well presented with a wealth of useful material to draw upon."

      Adult Social Worker, November 2020

      "I found the session very interesting and useful. Practical toolkit to draw upon when needed and a reminder of the need to self care."

      Autism Development Officer, February 2021

      "Chris gave us strategies & info to help us become self aware of our well being & ways to improve resilience. All very good."

      Family and Child Practitioner, February 2021

      "I gained a lot from this course and enhanced my skills and knowledge to be able to deal better in difficult situations in my job role. I really enjoyed this course and feel I can use these skills in my role on a daily basis."

      Social Care Worker, November 2020

      "It was really good. I liked being able to go through the videos at my own pace and the group chat made it more personal. Really, really worthwhile. Feel like I have gained a lot from it, especially during this time. Thank you!"

      Criminal Justice worker, March 2020

      "Exceptionally good. The simplicity of your ideas and tools and how easily the concepts are grasped makes this an easily accessible, but incredibly powerful resource. I found it hugely beneficial that there was so much video material we could work through at our own pace. The interactive breakout discussion worked really well too. This was the first course I have done like this and I found it exceeded all of my expectations. I really valued the content, the method of delivery and the ideas personally and professionally. There is much here I am going to use. Thank you!"

      Wellbeing Lead, March 2020