Adult safeguarding

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Effectively identify and manage adult safeguarding issues in line with good practice and legislative changes.

This is a 1 day course in Bristol (you come to us).

Drawing on changes brought about by the Care Act 2014, develop your understanding of the categories of abuse and possible indicators, and identify how to respond to safeguarding disclosures and concerns.

Participants will have opportunities to consider why clients who face increased risk might not report abuse, good practice in preventing abuse and neglect and new ideas for improved multi agency working.

    Available for teams in-house (we come to you).

    Also currently available (online for individuals) and (online for teams).

    Course aims

    To enable staff to effectively identify and manage adult safeguarding issues in line with good practice and in light of the new legislative changes

    Course objectives

    By the end of the course participants will have had opportunities to:

    • Understand the changes brought in by the Care Act 2014 regarding safeguarding including new categories of abuse
    • Consider why clients face increased risk and don’t report abuse
    • Consider how to deal with disclosures of abuse and neglect
    • Discuss new ideas for improved multi agency working
    • Develop action plans for promoting awareness of safeguarding among clients and the wider community

    Venue info:

    We will deliver the training to smaller groups and/or in larger rooms. We have been working closely with venues to ensure we have Covid-safety measures and clear guidance in place.

    If for any reason the course cannot be delivered face-to-face, we will take a flexible and responsive approach to keep people learning – which will include delivering the training on the same day as a live interactive online session, or transferring bookings to the next available dates.

    Trainer: Clare Lucas

    "Useful to be brought up to date with safeguarding, particularly the new categories. I feel able to be more proactive and have gained useful knowledge to promote to clients in inductions and to share with other staff."

    "As a result of today, I will be more vigilant, challenge complacency and speak up if I have cause for concern. Useful recap of safeguarding policies and new legislation to raise awareness throughout the organisation. Excellent training."

    "Learning about legislation changes and what responsibilities I have with regard to safeguarding. Really enjoyable and thought provoking day. Thank you. Looking at policy and procedure. Hearing the background to the legislative changes. Case studies. Very good course, all information relevant."

    "Brought increased confidence and clarity to the issue. Understanding current legislation and looking in depth at safeguarding along with procedures, roles and responsibilities."